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From comedic duo Jer & Kev comes the cult musical that turns the tale of Lewis & Clark into a romping spoof of American history. Follow the explorers out on the trail as they discover that destiny may be anything but manifest. Strangely magical and filled with bold, stylized visuals - this is an adventure you'll never forget.
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Jeremy Hoffman | William Clark

Kevin Abrams | Meriwether Lewis

Jesse GrothOlson | Thomas Jefferson

Kristen Terry | Sacagawea

Matt Bittner | as the voice of ‘Eagle’


Directed by Anthony Parisi

Story & Original Songs by Jeremy Hoffman & Kevin Abrams

Written by Jeremy Hoffman, Kevin Abrams, Anthony Parisi

Produced by William Hellmuth

Executive Producer Joshua Sikora

Musical Score & Song Arrangements Brian Lemos

Sound Design & Mixing Stephen Hartwell

Cinematography & Editing Anthony Parisi

© 2017 Manifest Destiny Pictures LLC. All rights reserved.